SUMMER School - 2nd edition - 5th - 23rd September 2022

We encourage you to participate in the 2nd edition of our Summer School. You can not only expand your knowledge and interests, but also take part in many attractions. Only online participation is now available. It is free and without a scholarship.
To register, click on the link. After that, you can fill in necessary application documents.

The planned training course includes theoretical and practical classes covering the latest achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, such as the use of artificial neural networks, robotics, and Virtual Reality.


Sustainable Development - Town Planning

  1. Green public spaces in sustainable urban development
  2. New urbanism
  3. New masterplanning in transition time
  4. Contemporary ways of shaping green public spaces in cities
  5. Smart cities
  6. Are Airports Smart Cities?
  7. Smart Cities - A place for all people


Civil Engineering - Architecture

  1. Building a passive home - basic principles
  2. Wooden architecture
  3. The role of art in architecture
  4. The role of interactive architecture in the perception of the city
  5. The role of greenery in former hospitals, contemporary adaptations
  6. BIM technology
  7. New materials in the facade - environmental context
  8. Recycling of waste and art in architecture

Law and Administration

  1. Transfer of development rights - New York High Line case
  2. Ethics and law in the construction process


  1. Art workshops - Art in the city
  2. Art workshops - I invent, express, imagine
  3. Art Workshops - Hidden-Uncovered
  4. Art workshops - Composition

As a part of the summer school, popularizing activities for Polish science, as well as Polish culture and history are also planned. According to the choice of participants and organizational possibilities, several events will be organized, for example: