Module D – advanced techniques of numerical modelling and simulation

It is planned to conduct 4 training modules (A-D), addressed to academic teachers, i.e. developing soft skills, developing knowledge about sustainable development in the context of economic policy at various levels, improving skills in simulation based on artificial intelligence, as well as training in advanced techniques of modelling and numerical simulations.

Module D includes workshops on the application of building information modelling (BIM). Classes are to be part of the Intensive International Education Programs (IIEP) run as part of the summer school. The training on advanced use of market-leading computer programs for modelling building objects and advanced numerical simulation programs for the operation of building structures is to be an element of preparation of the IIEP staff for conducting classes. The training will cover the use of Autodesk Revit with Dynamo and Rhino add-ons to develop digital models of objects and their further use to conduct numerical simulations in other Autodesk programs and in third-party programs, such as: AxisVM, Dlubal Software. It is planned to conduct 5 trainings, 8 hours each. The next series of trainings will concern advanced simulation methods in the programs of InterCAD, which offers AxisVM software, and Dlubal Software, which is the producer of the RFEM program. 16 hours of training are planned for each of the above-mentioned programs.

Planning the training will allow teachers to broaden their working skills in the above-mentioned computer systems and acquire new ones related to advanced modelling of objects and their numerical analysis. This will allow for the preparation of an advanced modelling and numerical simulation module attractive for students during the summer school workshops. The trainings are intended for the entire teaching staff conducting classes under the IIEP. The acquired knowledge will also be used in other activities conducted after the end of the Project.

Between 16th and 19th May 2022, a workshop on the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) was held in Warsaw. The training was exceptionally up-to-date, in line with the latest trends in digitization in construction.

It is impossible to imagine today's world of construction projects without three-dimensional models. Their future is obvious.

During the training, the teaching staff got to know REVIT, Navisworks and Dynamo. The entire software environment enables perfect work in BIM technology.

The training company was AEC Design - professionals from all over Poland. The main topics covered during the training were:


  1. REVIT introduction
  2. Modeling Basics
  3. Working with views
  4. Human factors in software learning and BIM teaching
  5. What is worth teaching students about BIM
  6. BIM Introduction
  7. BIM Standard
  8. Codes (ISO +BS)
  9. Autodesk® Navisworks file system
  10. Navigating in a model

During the training, the staff of NAWA Spinaker "A.I. am here" project realised such task, as:

  • Dealing with objects
  • Schedules and Tags
  • Sorting and grouping
  • Creating issues
  • Review tab

Additional topics:

  • Clash detection
  • Creating Output
  • Quantification
  • 4d simulation

A training in spatial modelling with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles was held at the Suchary Palace. As part of the training, a three-dimensional model of the palace building in Suchary, the training place, was prepared and presented. The effects of the work can be seen at this link.

Over 800 photos from the drone and professional rendering allows you to prepare the model in real dimensions.

Then the model can be made available to Revit and other BIM programs and work on the inventoried facility.