Project participants

European founds

The target group of participants of the planned project should include 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree students in technical faculties such as construction, architecture, environmental engineering, transport, material engineering and others. The choice of the target course, due to the wide range of subjects, can be considered interdisciplinary. A total of 46 people are expected to be recruited for 2 editions of IIEP.

Computer literacy and a minimum B1 level of English are required. Thanks to remote work with the use of tools and software, it is also possible to participate in the course for people with disabilities. It is planned to use programs with an immersive reader and accessibility features, such as operating without a mouse or increasing the contrast. This will facilitate the work of people with motor disabilities, but also those related to sight and hearing. Access to the course will be unlimited due to gender, and the selected subject is an important element enriching the educational process and will increase the chances of employment, which will also help in the fight against the elimination of professional discrimination. Selected fields of study are characterized by the participation of students of both sexes. The classes include a possible stationary stay or remote teaching in synchronous and asynchronous modes.

 Many thematic objectives are envisaged, such as investing in education or vocational training for skills and lifelong learning, preserving and protecting the environment and supporting resource efficiency, promoting adaptation to climate change, risk management, and supporting the transition to the economy low-carbon in all sectors.